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lost for words

the art has been good, coming and going at a rhythmic flow but the words seemed to have gotten lost in the rocks, trapped but content in their own hypnotic swaying … Advertisements

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am i dreaming?

  is it you or is it me? are we one in the same tethered by the dream world’s web? i remember i remember seeing you lost in the mist as the woman-panther prowls sensing your fear or maybe it … Continue reading

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her prize peacock

her prize peacock acrylic, cattle marker, water colour and thread (and possible sewing needle – yet to be decided). … it’s like the smell of freshly baking apple pie, it draws your attention in such a subliminal fashion, gives you … Continue reading

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under the knife again …

been away too long and not here long enough. time to once again turn-off and listen, close-down to see, get out the blade and make the first slice. it’s time to get back into it, get lost in the worlds … Continue reading

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my coat ran away again …

it’s the third time in the last few days that my coat ran away. I don’t know what is wrong with her – maybe she has a secret hidden inside, buried between the layers of fabric and wear. Doesn’t she … Continue reading

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